3 Benefits of OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks™

Reap the Benefits of These One-of-a-Kind Sensory Fidget Toys

You may be thinking kids already have so many building blocks and there are so many sensory fidget toys that exist, what makes these blocks so special? OTOblocs is on a mission to create products that empower kids to find their calm and build trust in their imagination. We have created the ultimate one-of-a-kind building block fidget hybrid. We call this invention OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks™. These interlocking blocks that are shaped in the letters 'O' and 'T' help kids develop creativity while reaping the relaxing benefits of a fidget toy. Here are just 3 of the benefits of these unique sensory fidget toys:
1. Reduce anxiety by fidgeting with as few as three blocks!
2. Improve focus by fidgeting with a set of blocks while doing homework or participating in virtual school.
3. Develop creatively. When you purchase a set of 9 blocks kids get the benefits of both fidgeting and creating, this is the ultimate OTOblocs experience.

OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks, The Ultimate Fidget Toy-Building Block Hybrid

What can you create with these blocks? We love encouraging imaginative play, but if you are in search for some build ideas then we definitely have you covered. When you purchase the 9 block set of OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks™, there are four build ideas right on the back of the packaging. We also showcase weekly build ideas on our Instagram @OTOblocs and are working to build and continuously update our Build Idea page with easy to follow videos! Check out the butterfly build idea video below.

With the 9 block, 3 colour pack of OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks™ you can build these butterflies and MORE! This product is recommended for kids ages 3+. We highly recommend our fidget toys for ADHD, anxiety, Autism and/or Sensory Processing Disorder.
We look forward to growing our OTOblocs family and continuing to innovate and create sensory fidget toys to empowering kids to unwind and trust in their creativity. We hope you choose to come along for the journey! We can't wait to see what kids create.