Can Toys Be Recycled? | OTOblocs™

Some of us may assume that because toys are made of plastic they can be recycled. Unfortunately this isn't always the case. CBC Radio posted an article on January 5th 2018 stating that around 90% of toys are made up of a new plastic material that cannot be recycled. This is mainly due to cost of manufacturing, access to materials, and durability of material.


Recycled Nylon Plastic

Recycled Nylon Plastic (Source)

How OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks™ Are Made

OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks are made of 100% recycled Nylon plastic. Nylon plastic is a hard plastic to recycle and is often not accepted by large recycling plants. We have worked together with our manufacturers to recycle previously industrialized Nylon plastic in house and use it to create our OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks!

Our toys have been safety tested for kids, are very durable and easy to clean. Although you cannot recycle our product it prevents a lot of plastic from ending up in the landfill. Our blocks are designed for timeless value as they are extremely versatile and can be used for many purposes over many years.

OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks - 100% Recycled

Growing and Developing New Toys

As we work to grow OTOblocs and develop new products we are always excited to see how we can rethink of the ways our toys are made in benefit of our planet.