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OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks | how fidget toys work

How Sensory Fidget Toys Work

Fidgeting has been around before fidget toys were available. Clicking a ball point pen, playing with a smooth rock or paper clip are all examples of fidgeting! People have said that actions like these help them focus and sit still for a long period of time.

As you may already know, everyone can handle different levels of stimulation. Some people can work in a noisy and crowded room where other people need absolute silence to focus. Not only is our level of stimulation affected by our environment but it also has a lot to do with the time of day and task at hand.

OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks | how fidget toys work

The way fidget toys work is that they provide just the right about of stimulation to pre-occupy the ‘bored’ or overwhelmed part of the brain to help it focus and stay present in the moment.

OTOblocs' Fidget Toy Solution

When looking for a fidget toy solution that is small enough to transport and doesn’t make any noise we recommend our 3 Blocks Set of OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks™.  Two to three OTOblocs™ is all you need for an effective fidget tool.

OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks | how fidget toys work