OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks™ | Expressive Fidget Toys for ADHD, Autism and Anxiety

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Expressive Fidget Toys for ADHD, Autism and Anxiety

Fidgeting is a natural part of human existence. For some people fidgeting may be a choice, for others fidgeting may be a necessity in order to cope and keep calm during the ups and downs of daily activities. Constant fidgeting tends to be more common in kids with ADHD, Anxiety and Autism. Regardless of what the reasoning is behind fidgeting, at OTOblocs we interpret fidgeting as a healthy form of expression. We know that there are many kids that spend a great deal of time fidgeting and that's why we are so excited to give kids the opportunity to express this fidgeting energy with the ultimate fidget-building block hybrid, OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks™. 

Current fidgets on the market are great, but they don't give kids the creative freedom to build and develop their imagination while reaping the calming benefits of a fidget toy.  OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks™  are based on a completely unique patented interlocking block design that keep kids calm and focused while they separate, re-arrange and interlock the blocks in innumerable ways! 

OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks | Fidget Toys For ADHD  

If you are looking for a great fidget toys for ADHD, Anxiety and Autism then you have come to the right place! At minimum all you need the 3 block set to get started. We highly recommend our OTO Jr. Fidget Blocks™ | 9 Block | 3 colour pack as this offering will provide you with the best of both fidgeting and creating.