OTO Jr. Functional Fidget Blocks Crowdfunding SUCCESS!

Functional Fidget Blocks NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!

After one year of research, prototyping, product development, user interviews, workshops, manufacturing, selling/distributing beta products, and promoting our brand, on July 21, 2020, we LAUNCHED our first crowdfunding campaign for OTO Jr. - Functional Fidget Blocks.

Our main goal was to get to the bottom of who our true customers are for once and for all and confidently set aside our assumptions. We learned that parents that have children with autism, sensory processing diagnosis, ADHD, or fidgety hands, are extremely enthused about the product. Adults that have autism, anxiety, ADHD, and/or like to fidget while working also jumped at the opportunity to support the campaign. We also have an excited teacher who thinks OTO Jr. Functional Fidget Blocks would be perfect for her kids in the classroom to help keep them occupied and hold up their papers/artwork. Mission accomplished.

By August 21st, the last day of our campaign, the campaign closed and we had exceeded our funding goal!

Thanks to 124 backers from around the world, we are now selling OTO Jr. Functional Fidget Blocks online!  WAIT... that's not all! We will soon have OTO Jr. Functional Fidget Blocks in SIX colors. This unlocks so much more potential for creativity and play! WE CAN'T WAIT.

Click here to check out our campaign on Kickstarter!

We hope you come along for the journey and share your OTO Jr. Functional Fidget Block creations with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @OTOblocs!

Thank you for your support!


Team OTOblocs